Our Ethos

Our guiding light

We’re here to protect our heroes on the frontline by providing high quality medical supplies, efficiently, promptly and cost-effectively. As we support the battle against Covid-19, we’re led by the principles of Britain’s treasured nurse, Florence Nightingale.

Care for all

Florence spent every waking minute caring for the soldiers on her wards, and in later life campaigned for better healthcare for everyone. Her caring spirit and inclusivity, and focus on providing widespread, improved
protection from infection, inspires our work. Our primary goal is to help nurse our country back to health while doing business in the most ethical way.

Act quickly and pragmatically

When Florence was asked to organise a corps of nurses, she sprang into action and was sailing to the Crimean War with them just a few days later. Conditions there were extremely challenging, but she remained
practical and quickly set to work. We responded to the PPE shortage with a similarly swift and sensible approach. And will continue doing whatever’s needed to ensure people quickly get the protection and medical
products they need and deserve.

Keep high standards

By significantly raising standards of cleanliness, nutrition and care, Florence reduced the war hospital’s death rate by two thirds. We never underestimate the impact of consistently doing simple things incredibly
well. Our supply chain sources the highest quality materials and we ensure third-party quality checks before, during and after production at each factory. As a result, all our products meet World Health Organisation
requirements and we’re a government-approved supplier.

Work hard with unwavering dedication

Despite decades of ill health keeping her housebound, Florence remained fiercely determined to continue working in healthcare and campaigned tirelessly, effecting far-reaching change. We’ve adopted this relentless
determination and work ethic and will continue seeking new ways to improve our products and service and support our communities.

Always give back

Like Florence, we have a long history of philanthropism in healthcare, supporting initiatives including the Royal College of Nursing, the Murray Parish Trust and UCL scholarships in women’s health studies. More
recently, we donated to the Masks for NHS Heroes campaign, and giving back to healthcare initiatives will remain at the core of our business.

What would Florence do?

These key principles, and the question ‘What would Florence do?’, guide us in every decision and action. By taking a holistic, inclusive approach, acting swiftly and practically, always maintaining high standards and
working relentlessly hard, we’re more than just suppliers. We’re comrades in the war against infection and ill health.

We’re proud to own this note, written by Florence Nightingale (dated 6th March 1899), as a reminder of her fortitude. Even aged 79, and with longstanding illness herself, she was still arranging care for those in need. Read the story of how NKD International acquired the letter.

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