About NKD International

NKD International (NKD) is a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment and other medical supplies. Grown up by an experienced team who ideates on creating a local and global supply chain which offers the highest quality goods and materials available.

NKD is a part of the GSP Group, which operates across a diverse group of sectors including business intelligence, technology and healthcare.

We have an NKD team and offices in London, New Delhi, China and other parts of Asia. We can work on bespoke requirements for our clients who need any particular commodity which has a reliable and sustainable supply chain.


Face Masks
Medical Gowns
Disposable Gloves
Sanitisers & Disinfectant
Reusable Face Covering

Product Accreditation

All products we supply are either CE or FDA Certified, as verified by an independent law firm, with test reports made available to our clients. Additionally, all products are independently audited at the factory during and after production to ensure complete transparency and quality control.

Our products are accredited by:


We’re here to protect our heroes on the frontline by providing high quality medical supplies, efficiently, promptly and cost-effectively. As we support the battle against Covid-19 and other viruses and diseases, we’re led by the principles of Britain’s treasured nurse, Florence Nightingale. guide us in every decision and action.

By taking a holistic, inclusive approach, acting swiftly and practically, always maintaining high standards and working relentlessly hard, we’re more than just suppliers. We’re comrades in the war against infection and ill health.

We are proud to be suppliers to:

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